Last two preview branch commits not deploying

My last two preview branch commits are not showing up under deploys. I am wondering if Github is having any issues with integrations.

Usually on my Github PR, it will display all of the Netlify build information. It was showing that before, but now it doesn’t display.

I resolved the issue. It looks like it was because the base branch for the PR is not the main branch. I had misunderstood and thought that if it’s a PR it does not matter what the base branch is.

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Hey Darren. Glad you have fixed your issue. However, I do believe your original thought was correct. Have you checked your deploy contexts? Make sure that the deploy previews are set for all branches or your specific branch deploys, then pull requests create a preview. :slight_smile:

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for responding. I have deploy previews set for all branches. Here is what it looks like.

Hi, @darren. With those settings only PRs for the branches master and local-studio will trigger deploy previews at Netlify. Is that the behavior you are seeing?

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Hi Luke,

Yes that’s the behavior I’m seeing. If I remove local-studio would it still behave the same?

If you removed local-studio then commits to that branch would no longer trigger builds and PRs against that branch would also no longer trigger deploy previews.

You can also change the branch deploys setting to “All”. If that is done all commits or PRs to any branch will trigger builds and deploy previews.