Profile email not verified

I’m a developer, so naturally I wanted to test out the validation on the Profile Settings page. I entered a bogus email. Now, I can’t actually verify it, so it won’t allow me to change it back to the original, correct email.

Anyone else have a solution to this?

The functionality of everything is still fine, I can log in with my correct one, but my OCD will be forever bothered by this Unverified badge…

:laughing: Sorry, @austintoddj, this cracked me up!

If you can give me your team name, I’ll see what I can do!

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Thanks so much @Pie!

@austintoddj, can you briefly double-check your personal information pane and confirm that the garbage email address is still present? From our end, we can still see your original email address!

By design, unconfirmed changes should revert after 30 minutes. Though, that’s not to say we’re in a funny state of limbo :sweat:. Nothing we can’t sort out, mind you!

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Just checked and it’s all good! Thanks so much for the help!