Production deploy; unique deploy url points to different version from website url

I use the netlify cli to deploy.

I did a deploy preview, all was good and then did a --prod deploy. No errors. Here’s the output for both.

Using the website URL here: Droga Mistrzostwa shows a different version of the page from the Unique deploy URL:

The page displayed by the Unique deploy URL is the correct one. The Website URL page is the old one.

Please advise.


hi there,

i took a look at what you are describing, but to be honest both look the same to me.

Can you run some visual checks in an incognito window for both, please? i wonder whether what you are seeing is actually a caching issue.

Thanks for looking at it Perry.

It’s a strange error. I made a simple change and redeployed with out any problems.
Thanks again