Production deploy does not match uploaded zip file, help?

I uploaded a deploy, where I made a single line change inside js.js

I changed an end point from:


But the production deploy keeps showing the first one and I don’t understand why. Is there some cache setting that is causing this issue? The website / file is there:


Bump, any help please? Thanks

@worldofsolana The URL that you’ve linked for your site, starting with 6413, looks like a permalink for a specific build.

Have you:

  1. Accessed the site just via {sitename}
  2. Ensured you don’t have a Locked deploy


  1. Not sure which link you need but all these 3 are for the deploy I am having issue with:

  1. It is not locked

Do you have access to my backend? Go download the latest deploy, open js.js and on line 587 is the end point

Yet, when try to login and use chrome inspect, it points to the old end point I changed:

This means there is some cache setting going on that I cant figure out.

I deleted cache from my chrome browser too so I am clueless.

Any other idea? Thanks

@worldofsolana I’m just a customer like yourself, I don’t have access to anything concerning your account, only what you provide.

This is an external domain →

This is a permalink for a specific build →

This is for your account which I do not have access to → Netlify App

I would expect the permalink to always show the output from the specific build it links to.

The URL I was talking about looks like it would be →

Whatever the currently published deploy is should be visible there.

@nathanmartin That URL is correct but it does not contain my last line of code of the deploy I added to the js.js file which is why I don’t understand. In my line of code I deleted

I think I found the solution, there is no issue with Netlify the end point was stored on another server which is why it was trying to fetch it there always.

Hi @worldofsolana glad to hear it wasn’t a netlify issue and you found the solution.