Site does not update


I have deployed a new version of my site ( which points to marcoarman-it-prod in Netlify), but changes do not show up. If I access the current active deployment from this URL (from Preview button in Netlify UI) the changes show up (a new post in the homepage “SIETE CAMPO EDIFICIO DI DIO”), but if I access that post does not show up.
Am I missing something related to DNS in the setup?

Here is the logging for that deployment:
9:08:50 AM: Creating deploy upload records
9:08:50 AM: Starting post processing
9:08:50 AM: Post processing - HTML
9:08:50 AM: Post processing - header rules
9:08:50 AM: Post processing - redirect rules
9:08:50 AM: Post processing done
9:08:51 AM: Site is live :sparkles:


Hi @marco1 and do not point to Netlify.

Both have a single A record pointing to (which is SEEWEB Hosting Company.) You can see these records using Zoho Toolkit.

Duh, my god, sure, I forgot I moved the website months ago to a different provider. Thanks!