Problem When Updating Site With Deploys

Hello, I recently deployed a site for my videogame, but whenever I want to update the site I redeploy it on the link Netlify App. It seems to work at the start but when I look at the domain its just a bunch of numbers and then the actual name for example, if I tried to redeploy it once I do it the domain is just (for example) and if I try to delete those numbers then the site just goes back to when it wasn’t updated.

The way I come across this is to delete the entire site and make a new one with the same name and that is what I would do right now but I can’t really do that since my game has been live for a while now and most of the people that play it have a lot of progress on it and I don’t want to delete their progress over an update, is there any way to fix this deployment issue?

hi there @ProGamerMoment - the URL you are describing is a deploy preview - meaning just that - its a way to take a look at what will be deployed before it goes through all the way:

your build may not be quite finished if you aren’t seeing any changes on your main app, or maybe you are deploying a branch or similar. can you post your most recent build and deploy log in its entirety, please?

8:17:55 PM: Creating deploy upload records

8:17:59 PM: Starting post processing

8:17:59 PM: Post processing - HTML

8:17:59 PM: Post processing - header rules

8:17:59 PM: Post processing - redirect rules

8:17:59 PM: Post processing done

8:18:03 PM: Site is live :sparkles:

hey there, so, it looks like your build is going through just fine, so the issue must come from somewhere else. are you updating the main branch? are you committing your changes? do you see the right content when you check from an incognito window? it may be caching issue.