Netlify link with deployId is different from the app link

I have an app hosted in Netlify,

I’ve deployed at link: https://[deployId]–[App name] with no problems.

But, in the main link: https://[App name] : there is differences !! https://[deployId]--[App name]

https://[App name]

and the “classes” route not found!!

What is the wrong???

The actual website address would be more useful than the placeholders. Kindly link the website.

Link of App:
This problem has occurred when I stopped auto publishing after deploying from Github repository, then using Netlify CLI to deploy from git directly.
But when I got back to auto publishing from Github repository, The problem has been resolved.

Hi, @amribrahim1. The most likely explanation is that the deploy isn’t being published for some reason.
There are several reasons a deploy might not be published to become the production deploy. Examples:

  • the deploy is not the production branch
  • auto-publishing is disabled and the site deploys are locked

If you tell us the deploy id, we can find the site and tell you why the two URLs are different.

When you used the CLI tool to deploy, did you use netlify deploy --prod to make it a production deploy? If so, what is the deploy ID which doesn’t work?