Problem with site appearance when deploying via Netlify

My site seems to have an issue after deploying on Netlify. The styles are not working although it is displaying correctly on my localhost or from Github. How can I resolve this issue?

Hey @MthaNdlovu,

If you open your browser’s developer console, what do you see under the site resources? Are your style sheets there? Is there a 404?

Hi Pieparker

Im seeing a “Uncaught SyntaxError: invalid escape sequence” and “Keyframe rule ignored due to bad selector.” message in the console.

Hmm, I’m not sure how the syntax error would impact it, it depends where this is. The second warning is probably irrelevant.

I’ve checked out your site – – and I’m not actually able to replicate the issue. Which browser are you using? My guess would be Firefox. I’ve tried Safari and Chrome to no avail.

Im using Firefox Developer Edition. Would it be the browser that I am using that is generating this issue perhaps? Il go ahead and try other browsers

I have tried other browsers and I still have the same issue. The same thing happens when using a mobile phone and tablet.

hi @MthaNdlovu, it looks as it should to me here too, no browser console concerns. are you using any extensions? does the problem show up in an incognito window?

Hi @perry , I am not using an incognito window. I am using Axe, Wave and Lighthouse extensions on my browser.

@perry The live site is currently deployed on Production: master@e892afb. Any new deployments after this one break the site. I hope that info helps

can you check and see if this problem occurs in a browser window without any extensions, please? These often cause problems.