CSS looks wonky after deployment?


So this is our site that we just deployed and the CSS for the landing page is very different from the CSS rendered locally.

We used vue.js, any idea as to the issue?

No ideas offhand, but it also isn’t clear to me what is wrong with the styling there - most folks who have styling problems have completely unstyled looking pages, but yours seem great and throw no file not found errors or other obvious JS Dev console errors.

Did you get things fixed in the meantime?

If not, I’d suggest following our site build debugging guidelines as what usually has happened when we “serve a site wrong” is that we have instead “built the site that way and are just showing what we’ve built” :slight_smile:

If you are still having problems and that didn’t help, please answer the three questions at the end (answer in this thread not that one :)) and we’ll be happy to investigate further :slight_smile: