Styles not loading when deployed to Netlify

Hello everyone! Hope you all doing well!

I have deployed my personal website to Netlify but it seems like some of my styles not getting loaded.
This is my website -

I have some animations there in a header and in the skills section but they are not working at all.
Please help!

Thank you!

Have you checked the console?

Firstly, you’re loading some stuff over HTTP which is getting blocked. Try using HTTPS. Then, a few of your images are returning a 404 (this is unrelated to your issue). Finally your JavaScript is also erroring out.

Also, if you can show us a demo of how it should look, we can help better as we have no idea currently of what’s correct and what’s not.

Yes I have checked the console, cant understand what i should do…

thank you

About what you should do to fix the errors, I’ve already mentioned in my previous post. Let’s try fixing that first to see if we are getting somewhere.

How I can load it thru HTTPS? Thank you

By changing the URLs from http:// to https://.

Fixed the error by adding in my head section. Thank you!

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I have added my custom domain and my styles crashed again…

I am running it with HTTP and HTTPS and having a same thing

You still have errors due to assets not found. You also have a link to a PHP page that is never going to run on Netlify.

I can see it just like the image you sent. What exactly is not working?