Css code not showing up on deployed HTML website

my netlify website is https://mydivineconquest2.netlify.app
my css code doesnt seem to be working when i deploy my site from netlify,
it works fine if it is a local file but for some reason will not work when it is a netlify website

Did you check the console?

All your assets are not found.

how would i fix that?

By linking correctly to those assets.

I don’t know how you’re building your website, but the assets are incorrectly linked in don’t exist while publishing. You’d have to check your build process.

If you can share a repo or something, we can give more educated guess.

@MyDivineConquest It appears that you figured this out. Correct?

Most likely a path issue if the site is not finding the files.

This probably due to the paths to those files being relative to your local environment vs. where they are on the server.

If the relative paths do not match where they are on the server try changing the paths to your files to absolute/full paths.