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Problem With Ghpages React App

My first time I deploy to Netlify. It is an existing github repo build on react.


I honestly don’t understand what I did wrong to make this blank

This is my github please tell me what to fix cause I’ve done literally everything I can to fix it and I’m very frustrated with this project.


Welcome to the forums @Valentina

File sources are linked the /valentinapuliese/ e.g.

This is because you have the following line in your package.json

"homepage": "https://LilCrispyVal.github.io/valentinapugliese",

You can simply remove this attribute from the package.json file, or set it to . ie.

"homepage": ".",

how does netlify update with github? if I were to delete this, would netlify detect it?

nvm I decided to do it again but now

https://jovial-easley-fbdfd5.netlify.app/ it’s doing this
Not found - Request ID: 01FBGBH450R4K3YY97F6R9DCEH

Oh nevermind!! Thank you so so much! I also know Netlify has so many perks than github pages, I don’t want ghpages hosting my website anymore so how do I disable that?

If you have your GitHub repo connected to Netlify, any changes you make automatically create a new build.

Not having used GH Pages, I can’t say.

Ah and one more thing, when I deployed my local host it had a icon now it doesn’t seem to have it hosted with netlify.

I can see in your repo there is an icon (favicon.ico.) Have a look in the console and see if there is an error. Also try to navigate to it directly (ie. https://<yoursite>.netlify.app/favicon.ico) and see if it loads then return to your site.

What do you mean by

Also try to navigate to it directly (ie. https://<yoursite>.netlify.app/favicon.ico ) and see if it loads then return to your site.quote

I was able to see the icon but I don’t know what I need to do in order for it to change for it to load.

What is the URL of your site?

Nvm I fixed it, but off topic and this is concerning me, but this is very disturbing that people are finding my contact information etc and I mean people who send inappropiate comments in groupchats imessages- and I want it to stop, how are they randomly finding my site and how do I prevent this?

Your contact information? You have it one your website somewhere? I (personally) would not put private contact information on a public website. If you have a contact form that is receiving unwanted submission have a look at the spam filters docs for Netlify forms.

All sites are naturally indexed by search engines (Google, Bing, et.al.) If you wish to prevent honest search engines indexing your site then a robots.txt can help:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

This tells robots not to index your site, but not all robots will necessarily obey the directive.
You can also add <meta> tags for the same purpose.

Well, this is for portfolio, since this is for my college site and voice acting. It’s kind of needed.

I want this website to be private it’s a portfolio. a website that my professors and people who are interested in contacting me can see my information. So what should I do? https://valentinapugliese.netlify.app/ this is my website. I have done nothing with app.js btw

If you wish to have part of the site public (as most websites are) while having other parts gated/private, you might look at Netlify Identity to restrict access (you could use this to require login to any page.)

If you are on a paid plan, you could also use Basic Authentication to restrict access to specific pages or the whole site.

However these options would require anyone wishing to visit your site to have a password (or to register to get one) first.

Alternatively, in place of your contact information in the footer, you could have a contact form. When someone contacts you, you can decide if they are legitimate and send them your contact information.

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Oh no no, I don’t wish to have this website public, I just only wish to have this website, in the sense-- if I give someone the link, that’s how they access and know the website.

As mentioned previously, using robots.txt and/or <meta> to restrict indexing by search engines is probably your best option if you don’t want a password.

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Also how do I shut down my website temporary so I don’t have to delete it entirely in github?

Also I am having a bit of complications with the robots.txt. Is it possible if you could add it in my site or show me a video that easily explains it?

Simple option is to add a “temporary” page and publish it.

What complications? “robots.txt” goes in the public directory.

Here is a basic react app I have in GitHub. You can see the robots.txt in the public directory, plus there is a temp directory with an index.html. If you look at the netlify.toml in the project root, you will see I have commented out the usual settings and am telling Netlify to publish the temp directory. Settings in netlify.toml override those in the UI.

Hope this helps.

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