Problem configuring .ua domain to work with netlify

Hello! A have a problem with domain registration. When i trying add a custom domain, domain name cropped.

How i can solve my problem?

We can apply a hostname for you manually to a site. Please let us know the exact hostname you applied to the exact site, and we’ll try to get it in place for you.

I don’t understand what specifically i must write and i wrote all)
domain ip adres: -> ->

or not?

Which netlify site (please link us to
do you want which name (please specify ONLY ONE)

applied to? - current link on netlify site. I can open my site via I want bind my site on netlify hosting with my domain

That domain has been added here:

The last step is to use the instructions below for the DNS settings with the domain registrar:

Would you please try creating the DNS records (at the registrar - not Netlify) as documented there and let us know if there are any questions?