Pricing changes - how do they affect agencies?


In the last few days we have been in contact with different people from your team:

@gualter (our guardian angel) , @alejandra_cruz , @audrey

We have tried to open a thread about the issue in the partner slack channel, but no one from your team has replied. (Thanks Tom Krupa (from and @budparr for your answers).

The Partners Slack Channel is dead.

A few minutes ago I have sent a contact form from here Netlify Agency Partner Program - Jamstack Agencies

And we have reply to @audrey by including Sarfaraz Rydhan in copy.

Everyone tells us that agencies have a unique business model and that there are exceptions that can apply to us. But no one tells us what they are and how we can fit into these new pricing plans.

thanks for that summary, existo. I am going to split this topic off into a new thread so that we can transparently talk with people who are in the same boat as you are and people who are in agencies can more easily find it.

As i mentioned in the main thread, we are actively discussing this topic and it seems like you are already in contact with the right people, and I am glad you are getting a good experience getting help from Gualter and Audrey. As soon as I have something to share i will write back here and add a link/mention from the main thread. thank you for your continued patience.

@perry I reached out via the agency contact form, (something linked to from one of the damage control posts). My message was transparent as I’m a bit of a “straight shooter” and for my troubles I got an extremely woeful “paint by numbers” response from “Business Development” that provided no details and was riddled with empty platitudes.

Can you please tell me how to actually get in touch with whoever can just outrightly provide the Agency Partner Program details?

I understand that this entire effort is to “gauge the size of businesses so you can charge them more relative to their size”, but forcing us to jump through enterprise level negotiation hoops doesn’t work when the company you believe is “large” actually is “small”.

@perry Another business day has passed and I’ve gotten complete radio silence from Netlify.

No response here from you, no response to the emails I sent back to “Business Development”.

Is there a particular altar that I need to sacrifice at to be responded to?

Hey nathan,

i don’t have anything new to share just yet. If i did, i would, that would be preferable for everyone. The only thing I can say is that there are active discussions happening, and this isn’t being ignored even if it feels that way. As soon as we have something material to share - as I know that is what you are looking for - one of the team will.

@perry This isn’t regarding any kind of rollback of the recent pricing changes, as I don’t expect that.

The rollout has been ham-fisted, but Netlify can charge what they want, we just need to know what that range actually is and what the details are, so we can have confirmation that we really do need to migrate all our client projects elsewhere.

All I need is the details for the “Agency Partner Program” program.
I used the same form as @existo but I didn’t get any details in my response.

It could be that we’re too small for the program, it could be that we’re the intended market, I have absolutely no idea because the landing page has no details and I can’t find any publicly available minimum requirements.

It says “customers small to large”, but then the following line says “Custom enterprise engagements for each client”.

If I can get the “Agency Partnership” details I’ll be able to tell if what you actually mean by “agency” is “multinational full service advertising agency servicing enterprise level corporations” or if you mean “one man band digital agency with local small business clients”.

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@nathanmartin You’re not too small or too large. You are just right.

And we want to hear from you, live.

I’m on the Partnerships team. We did receive your form Saturday. Someone will be emailing you today to schedule a time. We’d like to hear about your agency and your ideas about the Netlify experience as an agency around the recent changes. Please look out in your inbox for that email.

Thanks @safoo, we can certainly chat, but is it really impossible to just get some upfront guidance?

I’ve received a follow up email, there seems to be a 1 - 4 day lead time, and I cannot do the US centric times that have been offered, which align to 5am - 9am here.

I work long hours, so pretty much any other time is fine, just not when I’m asleep or taking my kids to school!

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You’re just like me! I’m online now for a bit, I sent you an email. If you’re around let’s hop on a zoom.

Nathan - it’s a lot to cover on a thread, let’s work through it live it’s the only way I can give proper follow through here.

Thanks for your time @safoo and for hearing me out.

The end result for anyone following along is that they don’t have a minimum size of agency that they work with, but nor do they offer special agency plans. They advocate on behalf of the agencies internally and pass along concerns.

If you’re significantly impacted then @safoo and his team can probably help you out in the interim while things shake out.

Ultimately we’re all stuck waiting to see what Netify’s next move will be.

@safoo , We’ve had a meeting with Griffin.

He offers us 90 days so that we can adapt to the new price plans.
He can’t help us with anything else.

In our case we cannot open accounts for each client because we work with small clients. And these do not want to pay the cost of Netlify because compared to other hosting services it seems expensive. For us, Netlify helps us improve our workflow and makes our lives easier. For our client Netlify is just a hosting service. Now… an expensive hosting service.

For this reason we propose the option of a special price plan for agencies, where we pay a fixed price between $150/$200 that includes 3/4 users with the features of the Business plan and an extra payment $5/$10 per additional user. This would be a more realistic pricing plan for our use case.

I understand that Netlify has to make money. But with this change you leave out the small agencies that have been betting on Netlify for several years out.

To be honest. We don’t understand.

Hi there, we have just released some more information about pricing changes.

here is a thread with a link to our blog:

In order to keep conversation all in one place, please continue the discussion there.