Prerendering of the SPA applications


I have a question related to prerendering of SPA apps. I saw that Netlify have an option to enable prerendering and from the docs I saw that it’s in BETA.

From the docs I understood that Netlify is using service behind the scene:
“Our built-in prerendering service will cache prerendered pages for between 24 and 48 hours; this is not adjustable.”

I just have a few questions related to prerendering service:

  1. Is it known when it will be PRODUCTION ready?
  2. What does it mean “will cache prerendered pages for between 24 and 48 hours”? Does it mean all my pages will be re-cached every 24h-48h? Is there any limit in page numbers? Can I submit my sitemap or service will prerender pages on the fly, when requested by bots?
  3. Is there any additional cost for the prerendering?

We’re not using exactly the same thing. We’re using a forked version with some changes to suit it for use with Netlify.

Unfortunately, no timeline at the moment.

Every time a page is requested on your site, it will be pre-rendered for the first time and then cached for 24 to 48 hours Any amount of changes that you deploy within that time period (to that specific page), won’t be reflected until the time passes away. Any subsequent requests for that page will be served from the Prerender cache. This entire thing is only valid for requests coming from Prerender-enabled User Agents.