Remove Prendering

I recently asked Netlify to add prerending to all the sites in my client’s account.

Well, it seems like prerendering isn’t actually going to satisfy what the client needs, So I’m wondering if there is a reason to switch it off in Netlify.

I don’t think it costs us anything directly with Netlify, but I wonder if it’s doing something like eating into our bandwidth (loading loads of images etc).

Is this something Netlify recommends turning off if no longer needed?

If SEO is a concern and sites are being updated frequently, I’d suggest turning it off. Prerendered content remains cached for about 72 hours and re-deploying doesn’t clear that cache. So if you update something now, it would not appear to the crawlers till 72 hours.

Okay that makes sense. Can we get prerendering taken off all sites on the apexgroup account please (a client we are working with)

Sorry, but we’d need an email from the team’s owner to confirm this change. Feel free to ask them to write n to the helpdek with a link to this thread.

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