Clear prerendering

Can you please remove the pre-rendering cache on my site

Also, would it be possible to have a button to do so from my admin interface


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Hi, @martinratinaud, you can disable prerendering completely in our UI here:

Regarding cached prerendered content, there is no way to flush the cache. We cover this in our documentation on prerendering, quoting:

Our built-in prerendering service will cache prerendered pages for between 24 and 48 hours; this is not adjustable.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

I understand and I’ve read that and understand it is in beta

But still in terms of usability, if the prerendering happens with an error in it, it can become pretty bad as we have to wait 24h for it to go away.

Anyway, i’m pretty sure it’s in your rodadmap but just a flush all cached url would be of great help for me

Thanks for the great work

Hi, @martinratinaud, we definitely have an open feature request to flush the prerendered cache automatically each deploy.

That feature request and this community topic are now cross-linked for interest tracking and follow-up. If/when the feature becomes available, we’ll post an update here to let you know! :+1:

For other people reading this, please feel free to :heart: (like) this comment and/or add your +1 comment below and we’ll update the feature request to show the number of votes it has received.


Has there been any movement on that feature request? If not… extra pretty please? :smiley:

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Hi, @kano. I added this +1 to the feature request. If/when this changes, we’ll post here to let you know about it.

Adding my voice to the choir: we need to be able to flush the pre-rendering cache, either manually or with a new deploy. Thanks!

Hi, @question_asker. I added your vote to the feature request.

Please add our voice as well. A button to flush cache on demand, or to have this done per deploy would be great. Our customers are complaining to us that when sharing links to their pages, it’s still showing old images, and this is because Netlify serves the cached pre-render version of the page, which includes old image URL’s.

48 hours seems a tad too long of a time to wait for their taste, if they are keen to share some content on Facebook.

Edit: Just realised this was posted in Apri 2020. Has this feature been in beta for so long?

I’d like to add something here. At least in case of Facebook (and in turn WhatsApp and Instagram too I suppose), they have their own cache of images. You can check this by trying out the OG Debugger tool and clicking on scrape again. It shows when was the last time it fetched from the ‘original’ servers.

Sadly, yes.

I tested it with a curl request as well, and could verify that the pre-rendered page was still the old version, despite it having been changed more than 48 hours ago.

Could you share what the new URL of the image should be?

Any movement on this? If not please add another +1.

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howdy @dlo - i am asking to see if we can get an update on this. i’ll let you know when we hear something back.

would also love for this feature to become a thing. thanks everyone at netlify for all the hard work you do

+1 for the ability to flush the pre-render cache, any updates on when it will be available?

In the meantime, can you clear the prerender cache for (Netlify url


Hi @nourmalaeb,

As probably mentioned before, pre-rendering cache cannot be cleared from our end.

plus one on this topic. I was wasting some hours until I realized it must be cached on netlify. it’s really really hard to catch a bug if you always need to wait so many hours. a button that can be pressed a few times a day would solve it fully for me.

+1 For this request. Waiting for 24-48 hours to clear is really long when there is a critical bug found. We recently had issues indexing because an old version was still prerendered.