Questions about Netlify pre-rendering option with React SPA

Hi all,

I’ve turned on the prerendering feature for my React SPA app. Its my understanding it will only prerender for bots.

Will this start working immediately or does it work within 24-48 hours? How will i know its worked?

Will this make it so each page is indexable and crawlable (sign in page, selector page, dashboard page) etc, without having react router implemented?

Hiya :wave:t6:,

Yes, you’re correct. Netlify’s prerendering feature is designed to serve prerendered HTML to crawlers and bots, which can help improve SEO for single-page applications (SPAs) like your React app.

Once you’ve enabled prerendering for your site, it should start working immediately. When a request hits one of the CDN servers, the CDN software determines if it’s a prerendering request from a crawler. If prerendering is enabled for your site, the cache servers will contact the prerendering backend straight from the CDN nodes instead of serving the normal cached request.

Netlify’s built-in prerendering service will cache prerendered pages for between 24 and 48 hours. This duration is not adjustable.

To check if it’s working, you can inspect the response from your site when accessed with a crawler user-agent. You should see the prerendered HTML in the response.

As for your question about making each page indexable and crawlable, it depends on how your SPA is structured. Prerendering can help make the content of your SPA visible to search engines, but it doesn’t automatically make every route in your SPA indexable. You’ll need to ensure that each route in your SPA is accessible directly via a unique URL, and that you’re using proper SEO techniques such as meta tags and structured data.

For more detailed information, you can refer to the Netlify documentation on prerendering.