Poor mobile performance on React site

I have a site deployed (not finished) through netlify. I have been trying to open it on my mobile device (chrome iPhone 13) however the website seems to load its components poorly, sometimes not at all. For example, the nav bar seems to be hidden

Site in question: www.callumbuttery.dev

The components render fine when restricting chrome to mobile dimensions on an actual development environment. There is nothing obvious in the build log as to why this is happening. Chrome lighthouse also doesn’t flag any major performance problems

Site is built with:

React (create-react-app)
Tailwind CSS
AOS animations

While I can probably agree that the website isn’t the smoothest ones I have used on phones, even if there are performance issues, I must say, that has nothing to do with Netlify. Netlify is serving site’s files, how they behave on a certain device is out of Netlify’s control.

You might want to debug the performance independently of Netlify - probably some other developer-based forums can help.