Pointing Netlify domain to SiteGround hosting

We’re switching over to a Wordpress site hosted on SiteGround, but since we bought the domain on Netlify less than 60 days ago, transferring the domain isn’t an option (plus I already set up G Suite off of Netlify DNS).

The Netlify site is https://relaxed-bohr-4fb6ef.netlify.app/, and the domain is tech4mena.com.

I’d like to point it to the SiteGround hosting at

Site IP:
ns1.giow1093.siteground.us (
ns2.giow1093.siteground.us (

I tried to edit the A records directly, but Netlify doesn’t allow that as per this previous post. Could the support team help me point this domain at my SiteGround hosting? And will this result in downtime for the site?

Thanks so much!

@Minh-Anh Welcome to the Netlify community – however briefly.

Can you make these changes in your dashboard at Name.com?

@gregraven Unfortunately, I don’t think I can – I see that the Whois lookup shows it as registered with name.com, but I purchased it from Netlify so I don’t have a name.com login.

Hi Minh-Anh,

Just made a settings change in our database so you can delete the NETLIFY type records for those two hostnames (www.tech4mena.com and tech4mena.com), in our UI. Then you can remove and replace with whatever you’d like!

Awesome, thank you so much for your help!