Migrating from Siteground to Netlify and seeking help for DNS settings

Currently I am having a website which I am hosting on Siteground using Wordpress. But Now I would like to switch from wordpress to Static site generator and use Netlify as my preffered hosting service.

Netlify site name - https://flamboyant-chandrasekhar-a83257.netlify.app
My Custom Doamin - https://jhooq.com
Domain Purchased - I bought the domain from Google

Here is my situation
I am currently affiliated with EZOIC advertisement platform. To use their service they asked me to use their custom name servers. Here is the screenshot from the google domain

Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 11.53.07

So in short there is PROXY EZOIC server sitting in between.

My question is - If i would like to switch from Siteground to Netlify then what should be my preferred steps?

EZOIC says - As per them they support Netlify and this is what i found on their website - Nameserver integration is only possible by pointing to an alias record of the load-balancer since Netlify has dynamic IPs. Using Cloudflare integration or contacting Netfly for an alias record is recommended

Could someone help me with the steps that i should use so that there is minimal outage for my users during the migration?

@rahul.wagh17 Welcome to the Netlify community.

This should be the information you seek: