DNS Settings directing to siteground wordpress website

sitename: progrezr. netlify .app
custom domain is progrezr .com
I asked netlify bot could not help me.

My situation is the following:
I have the domain progrezr.com bought at siteground.net

Now I want the subdomain app.progrezr.com to point to progrezr.netlify.app (this is working)
and progrezr.com to point to a wordpress website hosted at siteground (this is not working).

How would I do this?

app.progrezr.com is working and I thought I had to go into the netlify DNS settings and point an A record to the correct siteground IP so →

  • A progrezr .com to
  • A www.progrezr .com to

but this seems to be not working. Do you have any idea what I’m doing wrong? whether my approach is correct and if it’s even possible to achieve what I want to do?

Currently I get the following error when trying to reach progrezr .com:

progrezr.com’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.


I already contacted siteground and they said my approach should works so I’m thinking I’m doing something wrong on the netlify DNS side of things.

You need to leave DNS for progrezr.com at Siteground and configure the appropriate records for the apex and www subdomain for the Siteground-hosted WordPress site.

You then add a CNAME record (still in Siteground) for the app subdomain to progrezr.netlify.app as per this documentation.

You will need to ensure the nsone.net name servers are removed and you are using only Siteground’s name servers. (Currently there is a mixture, and only one Siteground name server though I suspect you need two. Check Siteground’s support documentation.)

If you’ve added any of the domains to Netlify DNS, you will need to remove these as well unless you wish to delegate the app subdomain to Netlify