Proxy redirect to another WordPress site

Hi, we are going to have a new wordpress website. We currently have the main website (built using jekyll) on Netlify with main domain. We want to have a subfolder path to point to another website built with self-hosted wordpress ( I have few questions:

  1. Is this possible, since the other website is on wordpress and not another repo on netlify?
  2. If answer to question #1 is no, how can we achieve this? any recommendation?
  3. For SEO purposes, will the proxied wordpress website on will be indexed by search engines under the same domain?

The goals are to have both sites with the same domain (not subdomains) and for SEO purposes.

These are some resources that I’m looking at for now

Thank you

p/s: these are not actual domain names

@shafiemukhre Welcome to the Netlify community.

I’ve been able to do this using external DNS, but not with Netlify DNS. For this to work, your WordPress install has to have its own separate domain / subdomain, though.

For example, I have site called, which is hosted on Netlify but with NameCheap name servers.

I have another site called I added as one of the domains through the WPEngine dashboard.

Then in NameCheap, I set up a subdomain called, with a CNAME entry pointing at

When I visited, it displayed the content from, but left and untouched.

I’ve disassembled this now (I just created this as a test so I could better answer your question), but if memory serves I’ve created similar setups for other non-Netlify sites using external (NameCheap, Epik, etc.) name servers.

Hope this helps.

Thank you @gregraven. We are going to use WP Engine as well for hosting the WordPress site. From your explanation, I can see that this will work for subdomains. I just don’t know whether this will work for subfolder path on main domain.

To use your example, can I add on WPEngine dashboard. Then in NameCheap, I added with CNAME entry pointing to

The expectation is when I visit, instead of getting 404 page not found, it will display content from Is this possible?

I also got another advice that this might be possible is to use .htaccess in the file to point the DNS to the sub directory of the I’ve yet to try this and want to know if this is even possible in the first place before create a POC for it

@shafiemukhre Depending on how you want the URL to display in the browser, I would think you could accomplish this with an instruction in your _redirects file.

I want the URL to show main domain with subfolder path. For example, when I typed in the browser, it will show the page of, will show and so on. The browser will show the URL of the main domain* but displays the pages from WordPress.

I have tried this Can I deploy multiple repositories in a single site? and it works but in this case, the second website is in another repo and also hosted on Netlify. If you are referring to this, I don’t think this _redirects file approach will work on my case with another WordPress site on WP Engine.

“I would think you could accomplish this with an instruction in your _redirects file.” ← If you are referring to another approach (not the above), can you share with me how to do that? Please feel free to correct my understanding as well

@shafiemukhre OK, I just recreated this, pointing a subdomain from a static site on Netlify – – at the apex domain of a WordPress site on WPEngine.

To accomplish this, I added as a domain in the WPEngine dashboard for this site. I also added a CNAME entry with NameCheap that points the to Finally, I added an instruction in _redirects to route all requests to nointervention to WPEngine.

Type in or and you are shown content from, but with in the URL section in the browser.

The only thing I haven’t fixed is that requests to are delivered over HTTP instead of HTTPS.

The proof is left to the reader.

Hi @gregraven, thank you for your replies previously! It gave me confidence to do this. I have added below redirect rule in _redirects file:

/subsurface2/* 200!

This work but only for one page (the homepage on WordPress site). If I go to, somehow it will forced to 301 redirect and the browser url will change to I don’t want this.

The second issue is, css and js is not rendered properly because the wordpress site is on http. After I changed it to https by adding SSL. The 200 redirect from will be forced to 301 redirect towards and the browser will show the subdomain instead of subfolder path on apex domain.

You previous latest example was the other way around (APEX domain on WordPress). While in our case, the APEX domain is on Netlify. I can see that only correctly 201 redirect but the rest remains on

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this @gregraven and how to achieve the goal since it is not successful yet for now on my side

Hey there, @shafiemukhre :wave:

It looks like this thread has been quiet for the past 7 or so days. Are you still experiencing issues? If so, what additional steps have you taken since you last posted? If this has resolved, please share your solution with us :slight_smile: