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Wordpress redirect to netlify

Hello all !
Let me explain. I have a wordpress site that has a domain name (for example): come-on.fr/
Then I have a site on netlify bonsoir.netlify.app.
I added a link in my menu (wordpress site) that redirects to “My projects”.
I would like to use this link and redirect it to netlify bonsoir.netlify.app just for this link.
Is this possible and how would you do it?

Thank you very much

You will have to edit the menu link from within WordPress.

I was thinking of a redirection because I’d like the url to remain come-on.fr/projects but to display the page bonsoir.netlify.app.
You see @gregraven ?

You’ll have to do that with DNS at your current name servers. By the time it gets to Netlify, it’s too late.

The only option you have would be to set up a Netlify site with the subdomain projects.come-on.fr and link to that. Otherwise, you’ll have to make a DNS entry with masking at your current DNS provider.

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Thank you for the advice! :slight_smile: