How to connect Ezoic with Netlify

I would like to use Ezoic ads on my website. Ezoic needs changes in the DNS settings, and it seems to be complicated with Netlify. I do not want to mess up, so I am asking for help here.

Currently, I point my domain’s name servers to Netlify and I do not understand how to add Ezoic in this case.

Ezoic says:

Nameserver integration is only possible by pointing to an alias record of the load-balancer since Netlify has dynamic IPs. Using Cloudflare integration or contacting Netfly for an alias record is recommended.

I do not use Cloudflare. The only option for me is to use an alias record.

Do I just need to add Ezoic’s name servers to my Netlify DNS records as ALIAS record type?

Does anyone have experience with connecting Ezoic and Netlify?

You might be looking for this:

You can add those records in your domain registrar’s DNS, and remove Netlify nameservers. Then add Ezoic nameservers there instead.

I agree completely with @hrishikesh. (Being me, though,I would have used “way more words” to say the exact same thing. I’m a “wordy” kind of person.)

To paraphrase what @hrishikesh is saying, using Netlify DNS is not required. If you want more flexibility, you can use any third-party DNS service and use our external DNS instructions instead (the link he sent to you above).

Reading between the lines, I’m guessing that Ezoic might act as a proxy in front of the web host. If that is the case, you might need to purchase SSL certificates from a third-party. Netlify cannot create the automatic SSL certificate using Let’s Encrypt if there is a proxy in front of our service in most cases. For more a in-depth discussion of this please see the following support guide about proxying to Netlify using Cloudflare. That support guide talks about Cloudflare but the same is true of any service used to proxy to us.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

Hi! @Average_Linux_User

I’m having the same problem. I talked to Ezoic, but they weren’t much help. Were you able to connect Netlify and Ezoic? If so, could you please provide some detailed explanation for non-technical people. I’m really struggling with this.

Thanks so much!

I have not implemented it yet. I am still researching this topic before doing anything. There seems to be too many problems, and I am not sure if switching to Ezoic worth it. For example:

  1. It seems like I have to switch to the www subdomain and this can have SEO consequences because I have thousands of links to my apex domain.
  2. Setting up an SSL certificate is getting complicated. You can get one form Ezoic but it will work only when you use Ezoic. If you skip Ezoic proxy, your site will be without an SSL. So, you need to set up in on Netlify too.
  3. Also, when you do not use Ezoic, you do not benefit from Netlify CDN.
  4. GoDaddy where I have my domain doesn’t support CNAME flattening, ANAME records, or ALIAS records which are recommended to use by Netlify.
  5. There is an option to do the connection through Cloudflare but it adds a layer of complexity.
  6. I have a few other services connected with Netlify DNS and moving my DNS to GoDaddy would mean reconfiguring those services as well.
  7. Also, if I do something goes wrong during the moving, the site may go down. I would need to fix it urgently. But I do not have a large time window to do that now.
  8. In the end, it seems like you get only +20-30% in revenue with Ezoic compared to Adsense. I do not get much from Adsense, so I have not decided yet if it is worth all the efforts.

Do not get me wrong, you can do the setup and it may be easier than I think. But I just share my thoughts here. I will let you know if I finally decide to use Ezoic.