How do I change my name servers?

I’m trying to connect Ezoic to my website, but I can’t find an answer anywhere about how to actually change my name servers. Some help with this would be appreciated.

Hi @thomassaurus

Can you elaborate a bit more on what you need exactly? Which domain servers have you up at the moment?

A couple of screenshots would be helpful to understand what you’re trying to achieve.

Thank you!

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Very simply all I want to do is change my name servers, I created my domain here with netlify so apparently my domain exists on Do I need to go on to change my name servers or can I do it from here?

In order to connect my site to Ezoic to run ads I need to redirect my name servers to them, I’ve heard that its hard to do when using netlify, but apparently its possible to do if I also connect with cloudflare, but to do that I also need to change my name servers.

If I do need to change them from how do I gain access to my domain, since my domain isn’t currently connected to my account?

If it helps my website is


Hi, @thomassaurus. Yes, you will need direct control of the domain at to change the name servers.

We do that transfer process in the helpdesk and I’m opening a support ticket for you to get that ball rolling.

Please reply to the email we’ll send about this. However, please do reply here if you don’t see that email.