I want to change my nameservers and want you to transfer my domain to my own account at name.com

Hi I recently bought the domain “top-hustlers.com” from you but I quickly found out that I can’t change my nameservers on your UI.

That is a problem since I am dependent on changing them since I am using cloudfare for that site.

So I would like you to either change the nameservers for me to what I wanted at first or perhaps transfer the whole domain to me on name.com (I read elsewhere that you are resellers of domains on name.com)

Hope this can be resolved soon,
Thank you.

Hi @pastpleasure :wave:t6: ,

You should be able to do this on your own. Select your domain. Make note of the four name servers listed in the Name servers panel. Log in to the account you have with your domain registrar and find their instructions for updating name servers. Replace the name servers with the name servers for your Netlify DNS zone. The reverse should apply if you are transferring to a different DNS provider

I did not understand your instructions. I logged on name.com and this is all I found:

@pastpleasure It looks like @SamO might have misread your original post.

If you’re trying to transfer the domain away from Netlify to Name.com there is a support guide here with steps:
[Support Guide] How do I transfer my domain name to (or away from) Netlify?

Hopefully the guide isn’t outdated (it was last updated in May 2022), but once you’ve performed the various steps it mentions, it seems you ultimately have to contact Netlify Support:

Please head to http://www.netlify.com/support and choose the transfer option from the dropdown menu.