Please help me, i can't activate my form via netlify


Here i upload my form code.
It’s been 2 days and i haven’t found the solution. Please anyone help me:)
I’ve also enable the form thing via netlify.

After i submit a data form, i got this message from blank page :
This page isn’t workingIf the problem continues, contact the site owner.

Please anyone help

Hi @RivaldoPardede,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

I’m not seeing a HTTP Error 405 after submitting the form. When trying to reproduce the issue the contact form just stays showing without going to a Thank you page or clearing. I do see that the test form submissions were submitted and show on the account.

I think the issue may be with your JavaScript code, when I disable to JavaScript code, the form resets and submits. You’ll want to check how it’s submitted. I also tested the form HTML code provided above from your screenshot and on a test account the form submits properly and goes to the default Thank you page.

Hello, the form is already activated and i can finally gather any information submitted by the forms. But whenever they submit it, the success page doesn’t show. Please help me

Pada Rab, 15 Nov 2023 pukul 21.13 Melvin via Netlify Support Forums <> menulis:

Based on the code you’ve shared above, you have not added an action attribute which is needed for the thank you page.