Forms not submitting

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I have a problem with forms, netlify finds the form but when I try to submit anything, it just sends me to about:blank#blocked. Also nothing comes trough in the submittions.

I have read trough all of the docs and forum posts, tried to debug and still havent figured it out. Help please? :frowning:

@Karooo000 If you google about:blank#blocked you’ll learn it’s a browser behavior that occurs under various conditions.

In your case I can see the action on the form isn’t specified correctly.

You have action="https://#"

What should the correct action be?

@Karooo000 Something that isn’t malformed.

With Netlify Forms the action is used to specify the Custom success page.
If using that it would be the path to the page you want the user to be sent to, e.g. /thank-you

If there is no action, (as in the example form in the documentation), then the Default success message is shown.

@nathanmartin I changed the action and now it doesn’t redirect me to about:blank#blocked but I still get the error message and the form doesn’t go trough.

Great, that means you’ve solved the first problem.

That means you need to solve some other problem.

This isn’t a Netlify error:

It appears immediately upon pressing the submit button, and I see no POST request being made at all.

You should check the JavaScript that you have for the form.

Thank you so much for your fast reply, I was able to solve the issue!

Hiya, thanks for writing back in and sharing your were able to resolve your forms issue. :+1:t6: