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[Performance] Boosting server performance?

I am building a GatsbyJS project right now and while its quick, I want it as fast as can possibly be. At work, they take google pagespeed extremely seriously so I need to know if with netlify, its possible to get more server processing power and things like less latency and TTFB.

I have noticed over many runs of google pagespeed and the current state of my project that on the free plan, netlify is very up and down concerning pagespeed.

Im not sure what kind of processing power is given on the free plan, but is it possible to pay for max performance from netlify’s servers?

Thank you for any response

Hi @illitirit - thanks for checking in! Are you talking about network speed, build speed, or load speed? All these can depend on a variety of factors. :slight_smile:

Our build network is shared, so building is always variable and dependent on who else is building a site at the same time. This post contains some useful info on that:

As far as paying for the broadest possible network - our enterprise CDN has more nodes than our CDN see this and this thread for more information on that.

If you need to compare our services, here is a great place to start!

Good luck!