[Performance] Slow TTFB response for Images

I’m experiencing slow assets loading for my clients site most noticeable on images.

According to chrome dev tools and Google page insights TTFB is to blame, sometimes it will report anywhere from 800ms-8s!


Is there anyway for me to find out how long the request took netlify’s side?

Any insight on what might be causing this performance issue would be appreciated.

Hi, i measured ~130ms TTFB on average on your site from Romania, so it has to be temporary or related to your physical location.
I had this issue once, i did disable asset/image compression on Netlify App UI and that fixed it.
Netlify CDNs are in rotation i suggest to run the test multiple times to have more data on your situation.

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Thanks for the quick response.

I will give what you suggested a try :+1: