Pageview and unique visitor count showing incorrectly

How the pageviews is calculated in netlify, I have only one page in my application the page view and unique visitors count is increased my first intial load, but page view count not increased i reload the page remove the cookies in my browser and restart my system, still my page view count is one, I can understand the unique visitor count will calculated based on the ip address to access the site, but my question is how the pageview is calcluated?

Analytics don’t refresh in real-time. There could be up to an hour of lag.

Pageview is calculated based on a 200 response with content-type text/html for a given URL.

as per your statement so each time when I reload the same page the pagview count got increased, but only the pageview is increase when I load the page in different browsers like chorme or edge, can I know the mechanism of that

Reloading the same page would very likely return a 304 (cached response) from the browser. Changing the browser would give a 200 as it won’t be cached.

Netlify doesn’t use any kind of tracking to track unique visitors if that’s what you’re asking. We classify unique based on IP Address, no cookie or any other tracker. So same device, different browser won’t be unique as the IP would be the same.