Large difference between page views and referrals

What is the difference between these two? Hard to tell from docs.

Unique page views I see 85,000

Top referrals I see 175,000

Does this mean half of all traffic is 404ing on my site?

Recently moved everything over to static site/Netlify so I’m curious about the differences.

Especially since previous analytics were in the neighborhood of 30k a month

(I much prefer Netlify’s numbers :grin:)

What’s your site’s URL? There are many configurations that “hide” visitors, and we’d need to examine your setup to be able to guess what might be going on.

OK, thanks for that. No misconfiguration in DNS which is a frequent cause of weird numbers in analytics (if you put cloudflare in front of netlify, you end up with a couple hundred unique visitors max, since we count “uniqueness” for visitors via IP addresses).

I think that the disconnect you’re seeing though may still have some notes of that situation:

  1. I think the “sources” graph is for ALL resources, while the “pageviews” graph is just html (judged by “Content-Type” that is sent).
  2. since unique visitors = unique IP’s; in case you have a lot of visitors from things like conferences and networks that share a small number of egress IP’s like some mobile providers, you can have a lot of “visitors” from 1 IP that all have different referrers.

Thanks for this. I don’t know if it’s the holiday or what, but I’ve read through your response about five times and still don’t understand 1 or 0 :rofl:


When people are already on your site and navigating between pages it’s not going register a page-view because they aren’t making additional page requests, they are just requesting JS chunks since you are using an SPA (nuxt hydrates in to a vue app on the client). The majority of the time you’ll get a new pageview when someone begins a session.