Pageviews vs top sources


I have an Analytics subscription on my Netlify site. It says I have a total pageview of 31,194 but the top sources tab says I’m having 91,528 direct referrals. I’m not sure how to interpret this.

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Hey Laurens, thanks for your patience - we have been doing a little bit of investigating internally and are still looking at this. Something doesn’t seem quite right, we agree. Is this the first time you have seen this reported this way?

We will get back to you here as soon as we can with any updates - apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi Laurens :wave:

Thanks for pointing this out to us. This is happening because of the way we sum up page views and referrers.

For page views, we only count requests that have the content type text/html . For referrers, we count all requests.

I can see why these totals were confusing! We’re looking into whether it’s still the best way to count these metrics. We’ll update you if we decide to change that behavior.