Page sends NextJS data file instead of returning page's html content on homepage url `/`

We have a NextJS project that is using the new appDir functionality. No netlify.toml file in the repo.

We released it yesterday on Netlify and it was working seamlessly so far until today, when the page started to return NextJS data files instead of html content under root url.

Other pages than the root one were accessible and navigating to homepage from them, when using NextJS Link was working just fine.
Only the direct enterance was returning a data file (with .dms file extension on Chrome AFAIR).

Page re-deploy from the same commit message helped and the page is up again.

What might have caused that issue?
Does using appDir requires an extra config?
Should I add @netlify/plugin-nextjs with some specific ref to the project?

Thank you in advance :bowing_man:

Can’t say for sure, we haven’t seen anyone report this error.

If this happens again, please get us a HAR file recording of the issue so we can investigate.

Disabling revalidation on layout level helped, I no longer see this issue, while before it happened twice to me.

I’ll create a separate website, with an open-soruce code repository and I’ll try to reproduce that issue in near future.