Page transition behavior is unintended after deploying Next.js 13.4

I am creating a website with Next.js ver 13.4 and have selected Netlify as the deployment destination.

I set it up to use AppRouter, but the behavior is unintended.

After accessing the lower level page from home with To About, when I return to home with a browser back, it returns to the about page on its own.

Sometimes it is automatically returned to the about page, and sometimes it is returned when hovering over the . I have tried this on Chrome and Safari browsers, and on Windows PC, Mac, and iPhone devices.

To isolate the cause, I deployed a Netlify template with only the above link and the about/page.js file added, but the result was the same.

However, when deployed to Vercel, none of the above problems occurred!

I have included my code below. Please help me solve the problem.

app/page.js (home)

import Link from "next/link";

export default function Home() {
	return <Link href="/about">To About</Link>;

app/about/page.js (about)

export default function About() {
	return <div>about</div>;

How are you using the link aspect of your code? I’m also curious how next.js is configured on your site? Could also share site name?

Thank you for answering my question!

There is a site that has a simplified reproduction. Some problems occur here as well.

What happens is that when I hover over “to about” on a PC, it takes me back to the about page on its own.


The actual page is even worse, so we are currently working on one that hides the client information and shows it.

Sorry for the wait.

I have created a site that hides the client so you can experience the problem, sometimes the problem does not occur on PC, but it almost always occurs with iPhone safari.


While this has been answered in the helpdesk, for others who might find this thread, Netlify is currently working on supporting Next.js 13.4 completely. So some issues are expected.

I’ve not confirmed if the above issue is related to that, but we should probably wait for the full-support before figuring out where the problem is.