Successfully deployed Next.js 13(App router) project stops displaying UI after some time on my homepage "/"


I found myself in a very strange situation, i have successfully deployed Next.js 13 + Sanity CMS project. So far so good, the website is published and everything looks fine. After some time when you refresh the homepage, shows only raw arrays and objects, but the other pages are still fine. It looks like this

And after a while everything gets better by itself and the homepage opens normally, like the first time after deploy on Netlify without any issues. I am using App router with time-based revalidation on the homepage, but the same applies for the /properties page on my website also and on that page everything is fine. I try to downgrade both next and @netlify/plugin-nextjs packages, but the issue remains. I am using next 13.4.9 and Next.js Runtime - v4.40.1 (@netlify/plugin-nextjs 4.40.1).
My Netlify website is, but unfortunately i cannot provide it’s git repository.

Thank you in advance and I hope to get to the solution soon!

Hi are you still experiencing this issue? I checked out your site waited a few minutes and refreshed a few times and i’m not seeing this. Perhaps this is an issue with your local server?

Hi, SamO

Yes, i am still experiencing this issue. The strange is that the problem occurs and resolves by itself between several hours only on production. When i run the project locally everything is alright. The problem is only on my homepage, however i am using similar logic to another page of my website “/properties”, but there everything looks fine. I don’t know what cause this problem, but i am looking forward to it’s solution.

do you think you can share your repo?

Edit: So I was actually able to reproduce the issue. I think for some reason your site might be whitelisted? For example yesterday I was able to access your site no problem from Portugal. Today from Turkey I can’t access your site I see what you sent in the screenshot, until I turned on a VPN to ‘place’ me in the USA where I could access your sites homepage no problem.

I’m not sure why this is happening though.