Page not found problem

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deployed this site GitHub - Gentlestan/my-learning-journey. yesterday. index.html page works fine, but the about me page returns a page not found error. site works perfectly on vs code live server. please what could be the issue.

my netlify site name is gentlestan

Hi @Gentlestan,

Thanks for reaching out!

I found the site here: and it looks like you were able to resolve the issue as I’m not seeing a Page Not Found error. Could you let us know if it’s now working for you or if we’re on the wrong site?

it"s still not working. index.html page is working correctly but the about.html page is the one returning the error message. page not found. kindly help me check.

Hi! I’ve got the same issue with my website and I’m pretty sure the URL is correct :confused:

Nevermind, it was my bad. I managed to fix it.

Unfortunately, I have the same issue. I deployed a gatsby site today without any build error. There are around 300 URLs but each one resolve to a 404 page.

Site url -

Thank you!

I see you’re using Gatsby 5. Have you tried this on Gatsby 4? There’s a chance that the Netlify Gatsby plugin doesn’t support Gatsby 5 completely yet. It’s being developed and tested though.