404 Page not found after deploying Gatsby app

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On localhost:8000 I parsed my resume by adding it as a yaml file and placing it within a directory within the src directory. It parses fine on localhost. However, when I deploy my Gatsby app, I get a 404 error when I attempt to navigate to https://63df2769625a8b19d0fd0e68--peaceful-jalebi-0ca108.netlify.app/resume/
I’ve tried placed my resume in different directories and putting it in the static folder but it still is not being recognized and giving me a 404 error. Does anyone have any insight on this?

Netlify site name: https://63df2769625a8b19d0fd0e68--peaceful-jalebi-0ca108.netlify.app/

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I don’t see any site with that name. Are you sure the name is correct?