Page is suddenly not working anymore

error: 404
build: successful

Heythere folks,

I just noticed by chance, that my page is not working anymore for a couple hours now.

I was working on it this morning and the last change I did on the main branch was to change my logo by adding another logo id.

After that, I deployed successfully and the changes were live, I could see it online. Now I was telling my GF about the new logo and only because she checked it out, I got to know that the page is down.

not only the main page, but also another subdomain is down, too.

I changed nothing on the deploy settings, didnt touch it in a while. Redeploying does not help, build is successful.

As both pages are down, of which I have not even touched one in a whlie, I suspect something is wrong with the domain setup, but again, I have not touched it at all and have no idea what to even look for now.

Any help is very much appreciated,

Thanks, Domi

Update: This is the file browser showing:

There you can see, that the updatelogo was still working. The latest deploy was triggered when I saw it was not working anymore.
All folders contain the same data in these two folders

Update 2

My page is now working again with no issues. So it was probably down for something like 20 hours or so. What caused this? Considering I might want to base my customers on this and get on a paid plan, this is pretty much a dealblocker?

Hi @Dominik-Reinert,

Sorry I forgot to respond here. I had checked your issue on August 26th and after performing some diagnosis I had escalated this to the devs. We still don’t know the exact cause of the issue, but we’re investigating.

Hi @Dominik-Reinert,

The issue has been confirmed to be caused due to a regression in one of our CDN layers, which was fixed later. So during the time you were seeing this issue, the bug existed and was fixed later.