404 on index page of custom domain only

I have just set up a new website and get a 404 when visiting the root of the website using the custom domain (i.e. “https://action.bikewaikato.org.nz/”). Strangely the Netlify subdomain works as expected (“https://bikewaikatoaction.netlify.app”) and I can also access the index page directly at “https://action.bikewaikato.org.nz/index.html”.

Originally I had redirects configured but I removed them and it didn’t make a difference.

The issue looks similar to:

This has been a problem for me for almost 48hrs now - unfortunately getting the website up and running is time sensitive so I can’t afford for it to be delayed any longer.

Is there anything that can be done to speed this up, or if not, what would be a realistic ETA?

Kind regards

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great cause, @bradchristensen - we love bikes here at netlify!

i can see your site just fine thru: https://action.bikewaikato.org.nz/

what are you seeing?

Haha, I’m glad you agree! Still a 404 for me:

Thanks for your patience - we found the problem, and our team has just fixed it up for us. This was entirely on Netlify’s side: three CDN nodes got the wrong deploy stuck in their cache, and unfortunately one of them was one of our Sydney nodes.

Please let me know if you’re still seeing any problems!

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Woohoo! It looks like that’s done the trick. Thanks Chris and team :slight_smile:

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