Nuxt 3 + Prisma + Pinia + Supabase - CRUD failing pls halp

Hello everyone so my issue is rather strange or perhaps it’s just me missing the obvious so please excuse my noobishness.

I successfully got my site deployed on netlify and it has been a breeze but apparently a lot of CRUD operations, particularly on the update side are failing. But at the same time, other operations are working perfectly.

To explain further, my app has a fair bit of permission-based things going on, which involve multiple checks against the db before updates or inserts are made. I know it might be stupid to say but everything works mint on netlify dev and local dev.

I had earlier put together a basic CI/CD thing with gitlab but then I;d taken it off and did it through netlify cli, but running into the same issue.

I have a faint suspicion that it’s pinia which might be the culprit but without the usual logs I would get on a local dev server, diagnosing is all dark. I do admit that the code isn’t stellar but had been working fine locally.

and as far as my limited understanding goes, netlify dev is supposed to offer a production experience? but it is strange that everything is working as fine there but not on the real production url.

If I could see what’s actually going wrong that would be helpful but other than any client-side console logging, I’m not really able to see what’s happening, am I looking at the wrong logs? or can anyone tell me what would be some usual things to watch out for when dealing with a nuxt 3 + supabase deployment?

Without a site name, we’re all diagnosing in the dark as well :smile: