Nuxt 3 deploy with cli possible?

site is

It is working fine. was deployed through git. But is there a way to deploy with netlify-cli ? and if yes, what should I put in the netlify.toml file.
I’ve tried various possibilities without success.
With git deploy, build directory is set to dist but running yarn build doesn’t create a dist directory but an .output one.
Maybe it is too early for this ?
Any help welcome,

Hi @wonderweb

Do you have the target set to static in nuxt.config? Are you running generate as opposed to build?

As Nuxt v3 is still in beta, much does not work, or does not exist, as with Nuxt v2 such as nuxt generate. While @nuxt/brige offers this, I have issues making this work locally (without using Netlify CLI) and am yet to spend the time digging to determine why.

Hello @coelmay,
Thank you for your time.
Just for your information my nuxt.config is very minimal and I don’t have target: static in it.
I’ve tried with and without
nitro: { preset: 'lambda' },
And i use yarn build as a command (“build”: “nuxi build” 'in my package.json scripts).

Hi @wonderweb,

Chances are Nuxt 3 might not be supported by the CLI yet.

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