Netlify cli deploy ignoring "node_modules" in dist folder

I have a nuxtjs site that won’t properly deploy via netlify deploy. The nested dir dist/_nuxt/node_modules is simply ignored. Deployment via git-webhook works fine, as does a simple drag and drop deploy.
Is there an ignore file somewhere ala .gitignore for netlify-cli?


It’s not a gitignore, it’s an intentional ignoring benefitting people who (would) accidentally deploy tens of thousands of files in node_modules and slow down their deployment by many minutes while we upload all those accidental files.

I think this is not your situation - you’re doing it with intention, and with a smaller installation, but there is no workaround for the behavior. Our system (when uploading from our CI) optimizes those away for you. Can you use a different pathname than literally node_modules to hold the files?

Thanks for your reply.
Yeah, that’s what I suspected. I’ll check with the nuxtjs guys if there’s a way to change this.

Downgrading nuxtjs to 2.14.0 resolves this. I assume this is a bug/typo in v2.14.1

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