Now Available: Function Logs Color Coding & Auto-Scroll Pause

Hello! We’re excited to let you all know about some enhancements that we’ve recently added to the function logs to help to identify and mitigate function invocation issues more easily.

As function logs can be emitted at a high rate of speed, you can now pause the log auto-scroll with the click of a button and review the output at your own pace.

In the screenshot above, you may have noticed that we have also introduced color coding to the function logs to help visually differentiate important attributes such as request identifiers, warnings, and errors.

Comment below to let us know how these additions improve reviewing and hunting down your functions issues!


These are good changes, thank you! Any chance we can get the ability to stream these logs via the CLI?

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Hi! We love receiving requests to improve workflows. Function log output via CLI is something we have been hearing some interest in, so we’ll add your comment to the list.

I’d like to better understand your preference in regard to UI vs. CLI in general to help define clearer use cases for both. Which would you say that you prefer to use more in your day to day? Would you prefer one over the other, if feature parity were not a limiting factor?


I’d much rather the CLI. In my mind I’d have an open tab and I’d be running something like ntl functions:watch and it would stream any logs from any function in the site associated with that directory. If I can keep demanding stuff, I’d also want the ability to monitor only one function as well.

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Thank you for that feedback!