Any way to extend function log timespan?

Hey all, for some reason I can’t find anything on this. Maybe I am missing something obvious out there. Basically I’m wondering if we currently have any way to increase the timespan for function logs (i.e. retain a weeks worth of activity vs 1 hour)?

Hi @kmcaloon, currently that’s not possible. What I do is send logs to logging services like papertrail and also use error handling like sentry and bugsnag.

Thanks that sounds pretty good to me

Hey @futuregerald just to follow up, how exactly are you sending the logs when the function is run? Are you sending Netlify’s specific logs or your own?

While he’s off for the weekend, I can speak to that a bit: there is no built-in integration for shipping our logs anywhere (they come over a websocket, so not even easy for you to capture from our UI). So, he’d be explicitly logging to that service from his own code (as well as using console.log() or sending to stdout, if he wanted to see it in our UI.)

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