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Notifications: ability to exclude Webhook triggered events

We have sites that are triggered to build from CMS webhook, and this can happen frequently as times.
It would be nice to be able to filter out builds/deploys triggered by any WebHook or even certain ones.
The notifications (take Slack) for example do display that the build was triggered by webhook, but we don’t really want to see all of these 20 notices every day for some sites. But we do want to see builds triggered by other means.

One simple idea (not the most elegant though) would be to double the number of events by including an “(excluding webhook triggered)” for each. Example :

  • Deploy succeeded
  • Deploy succeeded (excluding webhook triggered)

A more elegant solution would be to allow more customizations in the notifications settings for each.


interesting idea, @moop-moop! thanks for that. Let me get some :eyes: on this.

Yeah, thanks for this @moop-moop! I wanted to think about how this might work before filing a feature request and in the process found that we already have a flag that says whether or not a build was triggered by git (Contentful/webhook-triggered builds would fall under “not”). We should be able to key off of that… though there would also of course be a whole UI piece of this. But I think I have enough to at least get this filed and we’ll follow up here if there’s movement.

So, while we did get that feature request filed for you, @moop-moop, we do have a solid workaround for it that we and many customers use in production: filter our notifications through zapier.com (or another service that can receive webhooks). When we send a deploy status notification to a non-git system, we include quite a bit of detail in the webhook body - including things like the commit message, the commit_ref, the context, the build status, etc. So, you could recognize the CMS committer and status==success, and filter those out before they ever get to slack.

I know - It’s not the feature you wanted - but it is available today and works well and has for years :slight_smile: