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Slack hook only have option for failed deploy but not cancel

we recently move to Monorepo and start using Netlify Base directory
one of the futures of the Base directory is that if the Base directory doesn’t have changes it will cancel the deploy.
we using slack notification but now every time deploy cancel we get failed notification
there is way to change this behvier or its still in the works


Hey @yotav_masa,
Unfortunately, there’s no way to change that behavior since we only have hooks for these deploy states:

  • request pending
  • request accepted
  • request rejected
  • started
  • succeeded
  • failed
  • locked
  • unlocked

But I’ve filed a feature request and we will update you here if there’s movement on it!

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We would love this feature too - thank you!


Added your vote to the issue!


Thanks so much, Jen!

Making the webhook triggers higher resolution would go a long way in helping use the recommended workflows and take full advantage of all of Netlify’s native features. Rather than ejecting and using custom integrations to fit our use case.

In case it’s useful to the team, here are some triggers that we would love. And below I’ll describe our use case and solutions (which seem quite common based on other forum threads I’ve read).

Webhook Triggers

"Deploy cancelled" or "Deploy ignored"
As described above. Usually happens when the “no content change” step happens. Or when an ignore flag passes. Maybe this webhook response includes the reason in the body.

"Deploy continued"
The opposite of cancelled. The build and deploy decided to continue.

Use case

We have a monorepo with ~6 different sites (and growing!). And we use Slack notifications heavily to monitor our systems.

If we make a change to one site, then we get bombarded with “Build Started” and then seconds later “Build Failed” for all the repos with no change.

We are currently solving this by:

  • Using GitHub Actions and the path: site/** directive
  • Disabling automatic git deploys using this strategy you mentioned
  • Triggering all deploys via Build Hooks
  • Finally, we are using some middleware (Zapier) to filter out webhook triggers that don’t need to be notified (e.g. Cancelled Builds)

So, if Netlify adds the webhooks above, then we would be able to skip all of these steps. And instead we would use the normal Netlify deploy process and listen for webhooks:

  • Continued (instead of Started)
  • Failed (which does not include Cancelled)
  • Successful

Thanks again for all the support and the super clear answers on the other threads. We’re very happy new Netlify users!

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hey there, @overstory :wave:

Thank you so much for the excellent details as well as the kind words you shared there. I will be sure to pass them on as well.