Deploy Notifications Cancel vs Failure

How can I differentiate between cancelled and failed builds when setting up build notifications?

I would like to set up a slack integration to inform myself whenever a build fails, but not when it is cancelled. When it is cancelled it is typically done on purpose or through the ignore script in the netlify.toml that I have configured. When it fails due to an error, then I would like to receive a notification.

Hey there,
Unfortunately, there’s not currently a way to distinguish. We do have an open issue internally for this, and I’ve added this thread to the conversation there so we can be sure to follow up with you if we ship changes to our notifications.

This is indeed a bummer. Netlify is pretty spammy, so we’ll end up disabling notification for failures (at the cost of missing out legit failure), since 99% of our builds don’t touch website files and end up being cancelled.

Is there a way to prioritize support for this feature?

Hey there, @pedroerp :wave:

Thanks for following up here and my apologies for the delayed response! I have sent your feedback directly to our product team. If there is any movement, I will follow up with you here.