Not receiving form notifications via email (possible DNS issue)

Hi, I have had varied success with receiving form notifcations to my email but now appear to not be receiving any whatsoever. I am not sure if this is an issue with the notifcations or a possible DNS issue which I will describe.

My form notifcations are appearing in Netlify as verified so I know they are not being spammed. My domain points to the Netlify nameservers and I am using an MX record to point my email to MediaTemple. My first concern here is that as my MX record uses the same hostname as on netlify, maybe there is a conflict.

I have the following set up in Netlify DNS:

A record: to MediaTemple IP - mail server
A record: to MediaTemple IP - email client
A record: to MediaTemple IP
MX record: to

I have tried quite a few various options related to DNS given that I need mail and a couple of other subdomains still to be hosted on MediaTemple whilst the main domain is hosted on Netlify. I am concerned I am not receiving all email but in everything I’ve tested with the latest DNS settings given above, it appears everything is working except the form submissions.

Can anyone assist please?

Also want to add the following Netlify records (didn’t have the permissions to add so many links on the original post):

NETLIFY record: to
NETLIFY record: to

Hi, @ianlunn, we cannot do much about troubleshooting a third-party email system. However, if you have questions about creating DNS records with Netlify DNS or if there are any issues with the existing records we are happy to answer questions about that.

In other words, I can troubleshoot if DNS is working but the email itself is not hosted with Netlify so we cannot troubleshoot the “last mile” of the email service itself.

I did check the logging fo the email notifications and I see numerous failed deliveries on June 13th. However, the last two email attempts show successful on June 14th.

Did you resolve the issue on your own and did those two emails on the 14th arrive? If not or if there are other questions, please let us know.

Thanks @luke. I believe the issue is now resolved. I didn’t do anything else to try to fix it so I’m assuming the DNS just took a while to update.